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From Home Walk

As Woodside Dog Walks only walk dogs together from the same house hold, there is no need for us to transport your dog(s).  For this reason, we only offer from home walks.  From home walks are exactly as they sound.  We walk your dog(s) in areas around your home.  Not only is this great for dogs who don't like being transported, but it means we're not driving to multiple locations making it more environmentally friendly.  These walks last around 30, 40 or 60 minutes depending on your needs.  

Dog Walking Prices 

30 minute walk -

1 Dog £7

2 Dogs £9

3 Dogs £11

40 minute walk-

1 Dog £8

2 Dogs £10

3 Dogs £12

60 minute walk-

1 Dog £10

2 Dogs £12

3 Dogs £14

We accept cash or bank transfer (please ask for details) and payment must be made before the walk commences.  The payments may be made on the day of the walk, weekly or monthly.  

What you need to provide

Woodside dog walks will use their own leads whilst walking your dogs, and will have their own supply of compostable poo bags.  Please note that if you would like your dog walked using an extending lead, your dog must be fitted with a harness. 

All dogs must have a collar with a tag stating your contact details.

We ask that you provide towels to dry your dog(s) at the end of a walk.

If you would like to book Woodside dog walks please contact Gemma at or phone 07910719557 and we will organise a consultation visit with you and your dog(s).

Not sure if we work in your area check out our areas covered page.

If you would like more information please read the How It Works Page.  

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