How It Works

What happens after you've contacted us?

After you contact Woodside Dog Walks, if we are able to offer you the day(s) and time that you are looking for, we will organise a time for a consultation to take place.  It is important that the dog(s) being walked are present at this consultation. 

We will ask for your email address so as we can forward you the forms that you will have to complete (also available in PDF at bottom of this page).  It is completely up to you, you can print the forms off and start filling them in by yourself (although we ask you do not sign them until we are present), or we can bring a copy to the consultation for you to fill in.  The reason we email you the forms is really so that you have an idea of what information you need to provide us with. 

The forms include the terms and conditions, a dog walking contract, a veterinary release form and a key release form.  You will have to fill out a contract and veterinary release form for each dog being walked.  The veterinary release form gives us permission to take your dog(s) to the vets in case of emergency on your behalf.  The key release form is for the key that will give us access to you home, if you will not be present at the time.

During the consultation we will ask you to show us where you keep your dog(s) harness/collar and coat (if used), and to demonstrate how the harness fits on the dog(s).  We will also ask you to show us where their water bowl is situated, and where to find towels to dry you dog(s).  We will also ask to take your dog(s) on a short 10 minute walk, to ensure that your dog(s) is comfortable walking with us.  

Lastly, we will ask you to go through accessing your home with us, for example which door you would like use to use and if you have an alarm system. 

If you have any question regarding this process please feel free to contact Gemma at the following or phone 07910719557.  You can also contact us using our contact form.  

Like to know more about us?  Check out out home page and about page.

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