All about Woodside Dog Walks!

All about Woodside Dog Walks

After discussing and researching it for a long, long time I finally took the plunge and started up my own dog walking business, Woodside Dog Walks named after our house Woodside Cottage.  Woodside Dog walks is owned and run by myself Gemma Duncan, with the help of my mum Margaret who’s looking for something to do in her retirement!    

We’re both big animal lovers, but it’s dogs we love the most.  And to say that it runs in the family would be an understatement, there’s a high possibility that there are more pictures of dogs in the pile of family pictures than humans!   

We’re based in Blackburn West Lothian, and are happy to service the whole of the West Lothian area including Blackburn, Seafield, Bathgate, Livingston, Whitburn and Armadale.  Although we are insured to walk up to 6 dogs neither of us is comfortable with doing this so we’ve decided we will only walk up to 3 dogs at one time.

As you may have already read, we will not be walking dogs from different households together, again this is purely something we feel more comfortable doing.  We also feel this may be preferred by some of our customers, especially if you own a dog(s) that is uncomfortable around other dogs.

We have both completed a canine first aid course provided by Rhodes 2 Safety, and I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already to attended this excellent course.  We will be renewing our certificate every 3 years as advised.  We will always walk with a first aid kit and water for your dog(s), and try our best to be prepared for any eventuality. 

You can find out more about our services and prices in the services section of the website.  I can’t guarantee it but I will try my best to accommodate anyone working shifts, and I'm happy to do the odd weekend.

So, if you would like to book Woodside Dog Walks please contact us and we will organise a consultation visit with you and your dog(s).

We look forward to hearing from you!

See some pictures of our regulars on our home page.